Instagram is the first thing I check in the morning.

I remember a time when I would look at email first, just after I woke up. This is the last thing I check, I sometimes go a whole day without looking at email. It is different now, because I am not working and don’t need to constantly look to see if someone has contacted me. Sidenote, I am not working because I am a stay at home dad, But that is besides the point. Facebook used to be what people checked first in the morning. And I suspect that is still the case for those who don’t have an instagram account. I used to log into facebook to only look at the pictures that people posted. Now all the pictures on facebook are of what people posted on instagram. Which makes me look at facebook less, because I have already seen the pictures. I do my best not to post the same picture to facebook as I did to instagram. And you should do the same too. Because I am looking less at facebook because of it.

One of two of My babies.

I love takeing pictures of clouds.

The last time I saw JVH #ripvjh.


What I Do

I don’t know why I saved this link to an article about Odd Jobs, Where they talk about how they can’t tell people that they are just web developers and that just isn’t enough. That they need to lie, and say that they do something more than that. This is interesting that it was posted in 2007 and here, five years later, When I tell my dentist that I am a web developer, he replies with, I have an idea for a website.

I personally don’t know that many people who program or do web development. But I know the term is becoming more well known, and I know that kids these days want to be a web developer for Facebook or Google. I know that now WordPress development is a business, I gave a small talk at a WordPress meetup not too long ago and afterwards everyone was coming up to me to hire me. And then the next question would be, well since you don’t want to do it, do you know anybody else who would be interested? Like WordPress development has become this hot commodity.

I started doing “Web Development” when I was asked to update the spreadsheet online. This was a recurring thing that was happening where a single product number had to be updated, or one had to be added for a different color. I got sick and tired of doing this by hand, so I wrote a program where my boss could just select all of the his worksheet in excel and paste it into a textarea box. I didn’t have to do any of that work anymore and work on things that I wanted to work on.


Anthony Lister Sells Out

Let me just say this first off, I love Anthony Lister’s work. I have been waiting to get one of his superman prints for a long time. The prices are just getting to where they should be right now and I can’t wait to put it up on the wall. I have met him a few times, and he is friends of friends.

This latest piece on the Melrose Barracuda wall is an advertisement for the release of “Rise of the the Planet of the Apes”, done by Anthony Lister.

I have never seen Lister do anything like this, But I am not following him like crazy. But this is called selling out. Now I don’t think that selling out is a bad thing at all. It is smart, If I could sell out, I would sell out faster than Mr. Lister. This chance will never happen to me, Or I hope that it will one day. But there is no real chance that it ever will. I am not an artist and my work isn’t related to selling out ever (which I find sad, and will work on figuring out a way to sell out). Anyways, the idea of selling out if funny to me. What are the levels of selling out? And if one “underground” artist sells out, is it still selling out? I wouldn’t put Lister in the list of underground artists in anyway, his work is amazing and he often sell’s out his shows anyways. But if for say some higher level artist Sells out, he gets lambasted on the web.

The ultimate trump card in selling out and copying and fair use is the artist Andy Warhol. How long did it take for Andy Warhol to sell out? Was he considered a sell out, even during his time? I am really just sick of hearing the words sell out really. It is just a jealous term. I think it is a great way for artists to get there name out. I want more people to know about Anthony Lister, I just don’t want his art prices to go up. They are still to expensive for me!

Photo credit: Daily Dujour


No fees on Coinstar with Gift Cerificate

I don’t know exactly how long it too us to fill up the bottle. It was full, so we had to take it to get emptied and get some cash in exchange, hopefully. Between Erin and I, we have access to about five banks. None of which have a coin counting machine that I have googled about.

So I googled coinstar to learn how to maybe hack it so I could get cash without paying there percentage. I learned that you don’t have to pay a fee when you get your change for gift cards from certain places. I do enough shopping at Amazon where it worked out great.

Below is what we got, Worked out great.

Here is the damage:
Dollars: 7
Half Dollars: 0
Quarters: 493
Dimes: 1085
Nickels: 631
Pennies: 2771

I think with this I am going to buy a Drobo.

I forgot the international change that came out of it!


Grand Central is awesome

One number for everything. How great is that?!

And you can record the conversation, below is my conversation with myself.

I have a few invites if you want one….