Category: Advertising

  • Instagram is the first thing I check in the morning.

    I remember a time when I would look at email first, just after I woke up. This is the last thing I check, I sometimes go a whole day without looking at email. It is different now, because I am not working and don’t need to constantly look to see if someone has contacted me. […]

  • What I Do

    I don’t know why I saved this link to an article about Odd Jobs, Where they talk about how they can’t tell people that they are just web developers and that just isn’t enough. That they need to lie, and say that they do something more than that. This is interesting that it was posted […]

  • Anthony Lister Sells Out

    Let me just say this first off, I love Anthony Lister’s work. I have been waiting to get one of his superman prints for a long time. The prices are just getting to where they should be right now and I can’t wait to put it up on the wall. I have met him a […]

  • No fees on Coinstar with Gift Cerificate

    I don’t know exactly how long it too us to fill up the bottle. It was full, so we had to take it to get emptied and get some cash in exchange, hopefully. Between Erin and I, we have access to about five banks. None of which have a coin counting machine that I have […]

  • Grand Central is awesome

    One number for everything. How great is that?! And you can record the conversation, below is my conversation with myself. I have a few invites if you want one….