What I Do

I don’t know why I saved this link to an article about Odd Jobs, Where they talk about how they can’t tell people that they are just web developers and that just isn’t enough. That they need to lie, and say that they do something more than that. This is interesting that it was posted in 2007 and here, five years later, When I tell my dentist that I am a web developer, he replies with, I have an idea for a website.

I personally don’t know that many people who program or do web development. But I know the term is becoming more well known, and I know that kids these days want to be a web developer for Facebook or Google. I know that now WordPress development is a business, I gave a small talk at a WordPress meetup not too long ago and afterwards everyone was coming up to me to hire me. And then the next question would be, well since you don’t want to do it, do you know anybody else who would be interested? Like WordPress development has become this hot commodity.

I started doing “Web Development” when I was asked to update the spreadsheet online. This was a recurring thing that was happening where a single product number had to be updated, or one had to be added for a different color. I got sick and tired of doing this by hand, so I wrote a program where my boss could just select all of the his worksheet in excel and paste it into a textarea box. I didn’t have to do any of that work anymore and work on things that I wanted to work on.