Instagram is the first thing I check in the morning.

I remember a time when I would look at email first, just after I woke up. This is the last thing I check, I sometimes go a whole day without looking at email. It is different now, because I am not working and don’t need to constantly look to see if someone has contacted me. Sidenote, I am not working because I am a stay at home dad, But that is besides the point. Facebook used to be what people checked first in the morning. And I suspect that is still the case for those who don’t have an instagram account. I used to log into facebook to only look at the pictures that people posted. Now all the pictures on facebook are of what people posted on instagram. Which makes me look at facebook less, because I have already seen the pictures. I do my best not to post the same picture to facebook as I did to instagram. And you should do the same too. Because I am looking less at facebook because of it.

One of two of My babies.

I love takeing pictures of clouds.

The last time I saw JVH #ripvjh.