Category: Life

  • I Love Google

    I love the googles. I googled "how many minutes in a day." I have posted Pictures from my trip to ASR in San Dog. I will post more about the trip, a good time was had by all.

  • the Pussy Wagon

    I went to go see the midnight screening of the Island at the arclight and in the parking garage was parked the Pussy Wagon. If you need a description of what the pussy wagon is, go google it yourself. I was hoping that i would see Q.T. but alas i didn't, i am guessing that […]

  • No More Yahoo Mail

    So thats it, I have given up using my yahoo mail. I have changed over all of my acounts to gmail account. I have only been checking it every other day now. To make sure that i haven’t forgoten anything. But after a few days i am just going to delete it or try to […]

  • The Subway in LA is Fun

    Since i don't have a job and i have pretty much nothing to do. I decided to do what most people who were born in LA never do in there life. I explored Los Angeles, mainly i took the subway in Los Angeles. I havn't had much time to look into when the subway was […]

  • People like to call me at The Wrong Times

    I don't know why, but people tend to call me at the wrong times. I think that they call me at the right time, or at normal times. Normal time for me is moved back at least 3 hours. The "right" time to call someone is about six or eight o clock. I don't like […]