The Subway in LA is Fun

Since i don't have a job and i have pretty much nothing to do. I decided to do what most people who were born in LA never do in there life. I explored Los Angeles, mainly i took the subway in Los Angeles. I havn't had much time to look into when the subway was first concieved. I am just going to comment on my experiece of my subway ride.

I didn't know where the subway entrance is in North Hollywood, i decided to get on the subway near universal studios. I had a hard time finding parking, at 1:30 in the afternoon. The main lot was full of cars, so i had to go to the reserve parking that was just down the road. Luckily some guy was leaving so i was able to go on my adventure.

I walked to the subway entrance and went down the escelators and purchased my All Day MTA Pass for $3.00. Since i was expecting to get on and off of the subway a bunch of times. The all day pass allows me to take the subway all day long without paying anymore. It took about 5 minutes for the subway to arrive, it comes every 10 minutes. I sat down and felt right at home with riding the rtd busses for 3 years. The subway looked just like the inside of a bus. Before i knew it we were already at the hollywood and highland stop.

I wanted to get some pizza and something to drink. So i got out at the hollywood exit and was let out right into the middle of tourist heaven. I got out and walked around to find some water at the liquor store, there was so many tourists around that i didn't want to hang out there anymore and i jumped back on the subway and headed to downtown.

I got out of the subway at spring and 1st and walked to the santee alley. Which is about 8 blocks away, which isn't to far of a walk. I could have gotten off at pershing square, but i wanted to walk around a bit. I got there at probably two o clock and i walked around all of downtown till about six o clock.

I walked to santee alley then i walked all the way up to the walt disney hall and moca. It was a friday so there was a lot of things going on all around downtown. There was dancing at opera house. At MOCA there was a private event i think for basquit that i tried to get into. I guess i didn't look like a suit, and they didn't let me in.

My friend lives in downtown so after all of this i just walked to her house and we went out.

When i told my friends that i rode the subway, they all wanted to know how fast it was, How clean it was, Where the stops were. It was like they wanted to do it themselves, but were just to scared to take that first step. Now that i have ridden the subway i am finding reasons to ride it. I am seriously considering taking the subway to my friends house in downtown. It takes almost the same amount of time to get there with traffic. I just have to do a bit of walking. It is very close to all the galleries up there and i can take it the other way to hollywood bowl.

I am excited about the subway in Los Angeles, and i am going to see how far i can take it. And take times at how long it takes to get places. I love the subway.