Category: Life

  • Understand

    I will never fully understand life. Do i really want to? Or does anyone ever really get to understand life. Thats what life is all about, trying to get as close as you can to figuring it out. For some reason i think that i am farthest from ever knowing anything.

  • Sleeping is Over-Rated anyways.

    I don’t know what it is, but its been a couple of days now. And i have probably only gotten a few hours of sleep. I have a lot on my mind lately. I know thats the reason that i can’t sleep. Why can’t my brain just sleep for a second so i can atcually […]

  • Dreams

    I have been having the same dream lately. Its based in the future, and for some reason i am moving loads and loads of white clothes into a room. I think it is a laundry room, but i am not to sure. i have been having this dream for about 4 days in a row […]

  • It all started with commercial free mondays

    My new favorite radio station, started out with the best thing ever, Commercial Free Mondays. The whole day on monday you wouldn’t hear one commercial. As the popularity of indie increased, commercial free mondays disappeared. Now it used to be commercial free in the morning, from 7 to whatever. TODAY! i heard one commercial […]

  • Reasons Why LRhB totally is the suxors

    1. Lrhb is totally stolen from the Lrhb rocket made by McDonald Douglas. 2. Pirates can totally kill Lrhb. And we know that ninjas can totally kill pirates. So Lrhb totally is the suxors. 3. Three words, lrhb dot org. totally suxors. 4. “Boy I sure bet that popular girl Lrhb is really going to […]