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  • Places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed

    Places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed

    I have two wonderful babies and I love taking them places. I have to use a double stroller when I take them anywhere. They are only one and a half years old, so they are not so good at walking (totally there fault). I go everywhere with them, it is just me taking care of…

  • Getting Married in LA Now Costs $90

    It now costs a couple $90 to get married, this is a $20 raise from last year. This is supposed to give the county $500,000 more this year. Good things are happen to you if you wait.

  • Gift from INCASE

    Just received this from INCASE. INCASE 2009 HAPPY HOLIDAYS You can see more on my flickr. Thanks!

  • Mammoth / June Sweater

    I have been going to Mammoth Mountain for so long now that it is hard to remember how long it has been. The mountain has changed so much through-out the years I wouldn’t be able to say everything that has changed. But the only thing that hasn’t changed much is the Mammoth Sweaters that they…

  • Erin Hanging Window Shades

    This past weekend we installed window shades on her new abode. I didn’t take an after picture, but she did a great job of putting them up. I will take some the next time i am there. The house is going to look great when it is finally done.