People like to call me at The Wrong Times

I don't know why, but people tend to call me at the wrong times. I think that they call me at the right time, or at normal times. Normal time for me is moved back at least 3 hours. The "right" time to call someone is about six or eight o clock. I don't like talking till at least three or four o clock. So already my time is fucked up. I am a night person, and most of my friends arn't night people. I guess thats the problem in the first place.

I had an okay time last night at forbidden city, it was dim maks and the cobra snakes first time there. I saw Tiffany Limos there. She played peaches in Larry Clarks, Ken Park. The venue is bigger than beauty bar, but it was 10 dollars to get in. Thats a little to much, if thats the price, i don't think i will be going there on thursdays again.