Secrets of getting into a club/bar

I am no genius at this, nor do I really care about this anymore. But these were some of the tricks that I did to get known by the doormen, and promoters at the places that I visited. I currently also work the door at a club on Thursday nights, and know how people try to be remembered.

Here are some tips/tricks for getting into a club:

1. Get there early. This one is easy, if you want to see a dj, or get into a bar that has a huge line at 11 or 12 o clock. Show up at 10, or 9:30, or even earlier if you are super excited about being there.

2. RSVP early. This is the biggest mistake that most people make, not RSVP’ing. When I would go out a lot, I would rsvp to every party that there was. This way you get added to the email list of every promoter and party that they are doing. You know about the “cool” parties that are happening before anyone else and you rsvp and your on the list. The more you RSVP the more random parties that you will get invited too.

3. Befriend the promoter. This one is hard and takes some time to do. Everyone wants to befriend the promoter so, it is hard to be rememberded. But a promoter wants friends, thats why someone becomes a promoter. If you have something to give to a promoter, friends with an artist, if you are a graphic designer. Anything that could help this promoter become cooler, they will love you. In this world it is important to know that, it always helps if you know people. A super great tip is to call the promoter by there real name, and know there name, if you talk to them by there dj name, or going out name it won’t help you at all. The end goal should be to befriend the promoter, as you will get on the super exclusive vip lists.

4. Befriend the door guy. Most door guys only work the door at one party and not multiple parties. If you want to get into that one party a week, then this is a great way to get into that party. The door guy doesn’t want to have any friends, so this is pretty hard to do, but not impossible. I have found that gifts work well on door guys. I would go to parties that had gift bags or brought in swag from my work and gift it to the door guy. They would remember me and I wouldn’t have to bring anything ever again. I didn’t go and buy anything to give to the door guy, thats just creepy. It was things that I had and was fine with giving away. I had access to magazines and would bring a magazine every time there was a new issue. Money only works one time. If you want to get into a club once with money, it will work. But don’t think that you will be remembered. You will be remembered as the one who you can get money from, every time. Which is not a good thing to be known for. Unless of course you have money to give away.

5. Befriend the security. The security are easier to befriend than anyone. If you are going to a club more than once a week, the security is usually the same. Gifts work really well on security, people don’t normally think of gifting the security. Same rules apply as above. If you are a girl and try to make out with the security, thats gross. I see tones of girls/guys hitting on security. It doesn’t work all the time to befriend them, but it does work. About half of the time the security will try to get some girl in and I won’t let it happen, Or I can’t let it happen.

6. Befriend the Owner/s of the club/bar. This is the hardest thing to do, as you need there phone number or really have something for them. They meet tons of people everyday and don’t really want any more friends. They like hanging with the same crowd of friends over and over and they protect themselves. I have had people who have said that they were friends with the owner and I am not going to leave my post to go find the owner and ask him to come to the front. You would have to call the owner and he would have to come out front and get you. Which rarely happens, but it does happen.

7. Work the parties. This works the best if you can do it. If you are young and have the time to do it, and you want to get into parties. Get a job for a promoter, either being an intern or part time. You will get put on all the lists just default and people want to befriend you and all this works super easy.

8. Be friendly! When people are nice, I notice it. I don’t get it very often that when you are nice, its super great! I remember, you were nice, because it doesn’t happen very often. I will let people in for free just because they say something nice. And I am not talking about nice like, hows it going nice, or polite nice. They are just super excited and are genuinely nice and want to see the dj, or have a fun night. Now this can be hard for some people of course. And then if you come back next week I will remember how nice you were and let you in for free.

This is my seven ways of getting into a party/club/bar.

Of course there are more and I want to hear your tricks and tips.

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