My kids daily napping schedule

I am going to post more kids centric stuff every once and awhile. It is my life now so It is important for me. My kids, both 1.5 years old now and I am the stay at home dad, my life revolves around my kids. I don’t feel that is important for them to get a nap in when we are busy out doing things. But when we are home and I have things to do, It is important for me for them to get some naps in. We have two revolving nap schedules at the moment. They are pretty much the same except that I rotate the afternoon nap. Let me just tell you the two napping schedules.

8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Nap (depending on if we are home)
12:00 Lunch
2:00 – 4:00 Nap
4:00 Snack
7:00 Dinner

The above nap is for going out in the mornings. With this schedule we will go to the doctors, the museum, hiking, or just shopping in the morning. This isn’t my favorite nap schedule, but it is nice for me to have lunch in peace at home. During the summer time it can get a bit hot during this nap time and I don’t like to do anything. I am not much of a morning person, but force myself to get going. This is supposedly a better napping schedule for your kids to go to bed sooner.

8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Nap
12:00 Lunch
3:30 Snack
4:00 – 6:00 Nap
7:00 Dinner

This is my favorite nap schedule and I can get a lot done during this time. We have lunch together and then we go out shopping right after. This is good for afternoon shopping when there isn’t very many people out to worry about. I like to get my grocery shopping done during this time right after lunch. I am more of an afternoon person. Right after the 6pm nap we will go straight to the park and run around like crazy. Even though there naps and sleeping are so close to each other, my kids don’t have a real problem with sleeping the night.

During the week we will switch between these two different napping schedules a lot. If a nap doesn’t work I will just try again 30 minutes later. Maybe it was something that I did that made them upset and I try to notice that and do better the next time. We don’t allow toys in the bed and they understand that, and will most of the time drop the toy because it is nap time. And nap time stuff stays in the crib (blanket, pacifier).


Places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed

I have two wonderful babies and I love taking them places. I have to use a double stroller when I take them anywhere. They are only one and a half years old, so they are not so good at walking (totally there fault). I go everywhere with them, it is just me taking care of them during the day time. And we don’t like to be stuck at home, so we visit friend, visit galleries, go hiking, anywhere that we can go in Los Angeles.

Up until recently I didn’t even fathom, places don’t like double strollers. Maybe people aren’t very good at driving double strollers, or the aisle aren’t setup for wheelchair access. Which a few stores the aisles are so small I can’t go down them in the stroller. I can sort of stroll into the store look around, see I can’t fit anywhere down the aisles and then walk out. Yesterday it was a slow day at LACMA and I don’t get to go into the store because usually it is pretty busy. But Yesterday, there was nobody in the store and I thought that it was a perfect time to go in because of that. I walk in and the store clerk asks me if I would be able to put my stroller to the left and walk the babies around the store. I asked if she would help me carry the babies around the store while I look around and she replied, Well if you really want me too. I responded with, I don’t trust you very much and walk out the store.

So here is a list of places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed:
LACMA Gift Store
Huntington Art Gallery (I went one day when I was the only person there not working, and they let me take the double stroller in. But when it is busy they won’t be so nice.)

Of course this won’t last, as my babies will be able to walk themselves. It is just annoying.


Feed Diet

I don’t know how to find out how many feed I follow, and I don’t really want to know the truth. But today I am starting a feed diet. I am a news addict and this i one way to reduce the time spent looking at my feeds. There is a few that I don’t even read, or have probably never read, but I at times I found it too hard to unsubscribe to them. In the new netnewswire I can just click on the feed article to unsubscribe from the feed (GENIUS). I am going to document a few that I am unsubscribing from and a little reason as to why.

Cult of Mac – They don’t show the full posts in the feed. I only really subscribe for the mac chick of the month, who I haven’t cared for some time anyways.
Hypbot – It was interesting to read about how artists should promote themselves and I have learned quite a bit, but I am no longer in that business.
Neatorama – They just steal content from others sites who I follow. I will not miss anything here as it will be duplicate content.
GigaOM – Too business for me.
Fatlace – I love looking at the car pictures once a year, but it is just too much for me all the time.
slashgear – I don’t know why i signed up for this site.
Fubiz – The posts are great and beautiful, but I never look at them.
Achthung baby – I used to like the music posts, but I haven’t listened to one in quite a while. Speakeasy – Copy and pasted the title, I have never opened a link from them.
Techcrunch – Hacker news will post something that I am interested in from there.
Ars Technica – Same as above.
Geekolinks – They just steal content.
ProBlogger – I don’t care enough about being a pro blogger
Dajaz1 – I don’t liten to the music that they post as much as I should
A List Apart – I don’t need to understand what the web is about

Thats it for today. A lot of these post too much and some maybe post once a day. So this will help my feed diet. I will do this again this week to bring my feed count even lower.


I was a Designer Once

I was a designer once and I wanted to create a design website. This was my awesome idea for a website design.



You are doing it wrong

This is a post about how much I have grown with WordPress and how I try to make it easy for people to use.

I went to WordCamp sf 2013 this past year. I love going to word camps I learn something new every time I go to one. And I love watching Matt give the state of the word. But i am actually over it now.

But anyways, while Matt was giving his speech there was a guy in front of me coding a PDF upload form in a wordpress install. There was a custom upload browse button at the bottom of the post screen. And I remembered wanting to so this myself for awhile and I looked into it. It just seemed too complicated and I never really finished it on a project. I don’t remember where or why or when or anything but I remember working one one.

Back to this guy, the PDF would be shown on a calendar if there was a PDF uploaded from this special form. The form looked awful, and it just didn’t seem intuitive. I didn’t think of it until the plane ride home, but I should have gave him an easier way to do it. Which is the wordpress way. I was just more into listening to the state of the word.

If I was asked to do something like this now, I would just have the person upload it to the post and then on the calendar if an attachment equals to PDF then show the link to the PDF. Custom upload forms are just annoying and more fields are just too complicated.