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  • Tried to quit yahoo, but i couldn’t

    Well i tried to get rid of my yahoo email but i don't think it is possible anymore. I am just not going to check it ever. I have registered it to to many forums and websites and everything that i can't just cancel it. But writing this down makes me think just go for […]

  • No More Yahoo Mail

    So thats it, I have given up using my yahoo mail. I have changed over all of my acounts to gmail account. I have only been checking it every other day now. To make sure that i haven’t forgoten anything. But after a few days i am just going to delete it or try to […]

  • Converted to WordPress

    I converted my blog to wordpress, only for the nerdiest reasons. I am not going to get into it right now, i just want to say that i like how Darth Maul dies in The Phantom Menace. I have heard people complain that he died to easily. Just like that bam, he dies. Thats the […]

  • 100th Post

    This is my 100th Post. I know that 3 people read this, and two of them are me. I don’t like calling this a blog, because i don’t know what blog means. Basically i just want to say CULLO….and YEAH, thats right i said rub on your titties. Without you i don;t know where i […]

  • What i wish i knew

    I am going to be getting back into posting more. It has just been hard recently. I really like this guys speech that he wrote that he was going to be telling a bunch of high schoolers. check it out here, i have also archived it on my site at Archive, where i will be […]