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  • Stolen Car

    Well i woke up this morning to find out that my car was stolen again. If you didn’t know it was stolen in April, see this post. This time i didn’t have that much stuff in my car, but i did have the most important thing in it, my camera. So there will be no […]

  • Best WordPress Plugins

    I enjoy wordpress, i enjoy how the plugins work, i enjoy how easy it is to install. Everything about it pleases me very much. There is a lot of plugins out there for wordpress, but the best plugins that i use and that you should use on your blog are: Ajax Spell Checker: Spell checks […]

  • Print is dying

    Just an update to my post about how the internet is killing magazines. Slashdot has a discussion about an article on how 2005 will be the worst year for newspapers. And that things are not going to be getting better for 2006. They don’t give much reasoning except for “newspapers are in the worst situation […]

  • Ecto Works with WordPress

    Ever since i have installed WordPress on this site i have sorta stopped using Ecto. After i upgrade wordpress i randomly start up Ecto to see if it will work. Today is the day that it worked! Ya, i can go back to using ecto. But now i just realised that i can't use it […]

  • Tried to quit yahoo, but i couldn’t

    Well i tried to get rid of my yahoo email but i don't think it is possible anymore. I am just not going to check it ever. I have registered it to to many forums and websites and everything that i can't just cancel it. But writing this down makes me think just go for […]