Category: Links

  • 1st Annual Stupid Myspace Haircut Awards

    demonbaby is having The First Annual MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards! There is so many good ones its hard to say which one is the best, or ever the top 10. Check it out!

  • Free Vectors!

    This site has free vector art, definitely worth a bookmark.

  • Heavy Meal is AWESOME

    Did you forget about Heavy Metal? Well its back and on flickr. Well not back, but the pictures from that day are back. The guy in the right hand corner of this picture is awesome. A collection of pictures from the heyday of metal.

  • Shutter Clock

    This is a great idea for the interweb.  Get everyone to take a picture at exactly the same time and see what all the pictures produce! Or see how late everyone was to taking the picture. I am going to try and participate, but i will probably forget. Check it.

  • How to Look Approachable

    Wiki How has an article on how to make yourself look approchable. Step 7 is Have a Good Time!