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  • Obey Clothing Sample Sale – 2006

    Date: June 16th and June 17th Its that time again, Obey Clothing is having there annual Sample Sale. So head on down to the OC and get yourself some T-shirts, Sportwear, Accessories, One of a kind samples and More! Early arrival is important as the lines are always very long. Sounds provided by DJ Pubes […]

  • Mothers expect Damien on 6/6/06

    Mothers are planning on holding there babies in so there is no chance that they can give birth to the devil baby, Damien. Who has been rumored to be born on the day 6/6/06 which is next Tuesday. Little do they know that the demon baby will be born on 7/6/06, the very next day. […]

  • PokerStars World Blogger Championship!

    I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers. Registration code: 7330476

  • How I Became the Bomb

    I don’t know what website where i found out about ‘How I Became the Bomb’, but i am just happy that i have heard of them. The first thing that i am going to do when i get a job is to buy there cd from there website. I had messaged them on myspace about […]

  • Streaming TV Shows Online

    Why is the first channel to sream there tv shows online? I would have thought that NBC would be the first network to do this. But aparantly they are going to be the last, now that will be showing Two episodes of “24” on there website, sponsored by burger king. I have taken […]