Places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed

I have two wonderful babies and I love taking them places. I have to use a double stroller when I take them anywhere. They are only one and a half years old, so they are not so good at walking (totally there fault). I go everywhere with them, it is just me taking care of them during the day time. And we don’t like to be stuck at home, so we visit friend, visit galleries, go hiking, anywhere that we can go in Los Angeles.

Up until recently I didn’t even fathom, places don’t like double strollers. Maybe people aren’t very good at driving double strollers, or the aisle aren’t setup for wheelchair access. Which a few stores the aisles are so small I can’t go down them in the stroller. I can sort of stroll into the store look around, see I can’t fit anywhere down the aisles and then walk out. Yesterday it was a slow day at LACMA and I don’t get to go into the store because usually it is pretty busy. But Yesterday, there was nobody in the store and I thought that it was a perfect time to go in because of that. I walk in and the store clerk asks me if I would be able to put my stroller to the left and walk the babies around the store. I asked if she would help me carry the babies around the store while I look around and she replied, Well if you really want me too. I responded with, I don’t trust you very much and walk out the store.

So here is a list of places in Los Angeles where double strollers are not allowed:
LACMA Gift Store
Huntington Art Gallery (I went one day when I was the only person there not working, and they let me take the double stroller in. But when it is busy they won’t be so nice.)

Of course this won’t last, as my babies will be able to walk themselves. It is just annoying.

By Weston Deboer

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