Mammoth / June Sweater

I have been going to Mammoth Mountain for so long now that it is hard to remember how long it has been. The mountain has changed so much through-out the years I wouldn’t be able to say everything that has changed. But the only thing that hasn’t changed much is the Mammoth Sweaters that they sell there. And how much I enjoy wearing them. Through out the years I have only had Three Mammoth sweaters. I own two at the moment, I Gave one to my ex gf a long time ago. I think she still has it, or i hope that she does, because I want it back. I have a red Mammoth Mountain sweater and a grey June Mountain sweater. I remember back in the day that they would release only a certain color every season, This is probably folk lore. But I like to think that this actually happened. And I remember that the special color was the black mammoth/june mountain sweater. This sweater was designated especially for those who worked for the mountain. Locally, Mt. High did this same thing, where the black sweater was for those who worked in the snowboarding park.

I first saw the sweater not in mammoth, but around school. I would see kids in middle school wearing them. I didn’t know about cool back then, so this was my first resemblance of it. I didn’t think that the kids who were wearing them were cool. I thought that the sweaters were bad ass. I remember that I wanted to get one so bad the next time we went up. I wanted the old school grey with the red inside of the mammoth letters on the arms. It was really expensive is what I remember also, It was something like $60 dollars. Which doesn’t seem much today, but to a kid who didn’t have a job, this was a lot. I also remember that Pam didn’t want to get it for me, it was too expensive is what she said. But as a kid, she finally caved, or I asked Bill to get it for me.

Wearing the sweater was like, ya, I am part of the crew. I know whats up. I would wear it to the local mountains to let everyone know that I skied mammoth. I first started skiing in my day, then when I was 13 tried snowboarding and was forever hooked. But still, everyone knew that I was amazing because I wore that Mammoth Mountain sweater. And I would see people wearing that sweater and we had something to talk about forever.

I still wear both of my Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain sweaters all the time. I was recently working with a fellow who saw me wearing that sweater and said to me, Hey you go to mammoth? Yeah, I replied, and we were friends from then on. He told me he runs Mammoth Bus trips every season and that I should go along.

I think next time I go up I will get another one to add to the collection. I would probably just get Red again anyways.

(I just went to the web store that they have and they now have Woolly Mammoth’s that are snowboarding. Even though i snowboard now, I will still stick to the skiing one)