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  • Heavy Meal is AWESOME

    Did you forget about Heavy Metal? Well its back and on flickr. Well not back, but the pictures from that day are back. The guy in the right hand corner of this picture is awesome. A collection of pictures from the heyday of metal.

  • Best Book Website

    Miranda July has wrote a booke of short stories, but anyways more importantly the website for her book is awesome.

  • How Logos are made

    I love it when designers post the transition of a logo. From the very beginning sketches to the final touches. Check out Verle Blog on how the logo got created.

  • Invites

    I still have some

  • Dreamhost Sale

    This is the very reason why i used dreamhost in the first place (because of there 9 dollar a year web hostign deal). But now that i have been using them for a year i love what they have done, and have no complaints. Except for the fact that they go down at least once…