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  • Got my first Google Adsense check

    Well I didn’t actually get a check, but got the transfer of funds from google to my bank account. I set up a website recently where it collects user id’s from this iPhone game called Mafia Wars. And every so often there is a google advertisement. I can’t disclose how much I made, but I […]

  • doesn’t send WII’s to USA

    I had a great idea. I would go to and order a wii, the price didn’t seem to bad and they have a good price for shipping internationally usually.  I have ordered a many of things via the Japanese amazon. But aparantly they don’t ship wii’s to America.

  • Blog from WAP enabled Phone

    You won’t really be needing this for long since you should be blogging from your iphone by now. But for you old folks who haven’t upgraded yet, this is for you.

  • Conan – A Visit to Intel

    Conan spends a week in San Francisco. While there he visits Intels headquarters. The gray colors of the office building are great, no individuality, no hope, no future. The offices really look like a maze! Check out the youtube!

  • E! True Hollywood Story: Luigi

    A very well done documentary on everyone’s favorite 2nd string character. Find out about the secret life of Luigi and his quest for a moment in the spot light. It must be tough living in the shadow of someone like Mario. Did you know that he asked Link for some money?