Dreamhost Sale

This is the very reason why i used dreamhost in the first place (because of there 9 dollar a year web hostign deal). But now that i have been using them for a year i love what they have done, and have no complaints. Except for the fact that they go down at least once a year. Last year was a blackout in Los Angeles and this year it was a multitude of problems. But i forgive them, i have had terrible webhosts in the past. And they do a great job. I recommend them highly. So go get your year of web hosting for nine dollars and free domain name!

Its Easy all you have to do is:

1. Go to the signup page.
2. Click the “L1: Crazy Domain Insane (20GB disk, 1TB bw, $9.95/month)” radio button.
3. Click the Automatically bill me “once a year. (No set up fee!)” radio button. (You can change this preference from your account once you’re signed up.)
4. Choose your domain option and fill out your info.
5. Enter 777 in the “Promo Code or email of who referred you” box.
6. Check the I agree to Dreamhost’s TOS and Anti-Spam policies checkbox.
7. Click “Continue to secure payment…”

Fill in the rest of the details and bam! One free year of webhosting and a free domain name!



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