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  • From the Archives

    From the waag days, look at that sweet setup!

  • Got my DODO Case

    I ordered my DODO Case for my iPad the second I was getting the 3g 64gig version. It took over two months for it to arrive but I am happy to say that it exceeds my expectation of it. Right when it comes out of the box. Fits the iPad 3g perfectly. I was afraid […]

  • I want a Clear iPhone

    I was just reading about how apple are having problems with the white paint for the new Apple iPhone 4th generation phones. How hard would it be to make it clear? I mean they already know how to make some sort of clear plastic for the first iMac. Why can’t they make the iphone clear. […]

  • How I will use my iPad (and why I might need to buy a second one)

    I woke up this morning thinking about how I wish I had my iPad already. Actually, I went to sleep last night thinking about the same thing. I had just finished my book and wasn’t really sleepy yet and wanted to read something else. I didn’t have another book to read on my bedside table. […]

  • iTunes Date Added

    I want to start adding these little mp3 iTunes facts in the future. I guess i want to make this more personal somehow. I wanted to see how much music I add to my collection every year. Especially since I just purchased a new iPod to fit my collection. I had to get the 160 […]