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  • Samsung Should be Worried that Apple is going to be making a TV

    ХудожникSo today, I was reading about how a product manager at Samsung basically said that TV’s are about picture quality. When will these companies seriously start to get there shit together and get scared. This is exactly what dell said when apple started to make macbook air’s. This is exactly what everyone said when Apple […]

  • Apple TV

    So this is how the story goes, we now have two Apple TV’s in our house. We used to use an Xbox 360 in the bedroom to watch Netflix, It is an older Xbox 360 and the wireless connection isn’t so great. So what would happen is that it would wirelessly drop every so often. […]

  • First Song Added to iTunes

    мека мебел I lost my music Hard Drive once in my life. It was extremely sad, I had some of the stuff on cd’s, but it wasn’t everything. So every once and awhile I will look for an album or an artist and they won’t be there, and it will make me sad. Well, I […]

  • This is why I love Apple Products

    I went to upgrade some ram in my co-workers computer today. So I did the usual, google://imac installing ram. I knew that was the case, but you never know, always do your research. So I unplugged the computer and flipped it over and there it was staring right at me. Instructions on how to remove […]

  • Why Are App Store Books so Expensive?

    So Shepard was telling me about this book today I Sold Andy Warhol (Too Soon), and we got talking about a great movie that I saw recently The Art of the Steal (2009), anyways blah blah blah. So, he tells me about this book and it sounds interesting, So im sold. I go to Amazon, […]