How I will use my iPad (and why I might need to buy a second one)

I woke up this morning thinking about how I wish I had my iPad already. Actually, I went to sleep last night thinking about the same thing. I had just finished my book and wasn’t really sleepy yet and wanted to read something else. I didn’t have another book to read on my bedside table. And I wasn’t going to get up and find an old book to read again. That would have awaken me for sure. So I decided to just read all the extra’s that are in a book, when it was printed, who printed it, the god awe full reviews (Who reads those anyways?) Thats when I had the thought, I wish I had my iPad right now. I could either find another book to buy in the online bookstore, Or I could read how the Lakeshow did last night. And went to sleep.

As I awoke I thought about how I didn’t want to wake up Erin and let her sleep a little bit. I thought about the ways that we could use an iPad in the house. I thought about how when it wasn’t in use it could be showing the latest pictures I had taken. Or just even a slideshow of pictures from flickr or facebook. I would love it if would just go through all the pictures that I have Favorited in flickr. I would build a frame for it, so it slides in and out easily and charges while in there.  It would have a fancy frame.

Or I was thinking that I would mount it into the kitchen, and use it as our primary to do list and Calendar. I asked Erin about this when she woke up and said, that would be great, I would look at the Calendar and see who’s birthday it was this week. And I responded, and yes you could add events to it from your NON iPhone, or while you are at work. And I could add events from my iPhone or while I am at work. You could even add events while looking at it. We could even have a dynamic to do list, or groceries list. Where we are out of something, you add it on the iPad and when we go grocery shopping, I could look up what we are missing on my iPhone.

Then I thought about how I always had my iPad at the bedside table and didn’t have to worry about getting up and grabbing it from the kitchen or in the front room. I know that there are probably cheaper solutions for this, but for this I know that I could write my own application or website to do the things that I want to do specifically. And that is what makes it more intriguing to me as a whole. For the price point to do what I want to, Know how to do, It is justified.

I already ordered my iPad 32gb 3g last week. I will wait to see how I use it in my life to make any more decisions.