iTunes Date Added

I want to start adding these little mp3 iTunes facts in the future. I guess i want to make this more personal somehow. I wanted to see how much music I add to my collection every year. Especially since I just purchased a new iPod to fit my collection. I had to get the 160 gig ipod classic since my colection is now 128.62 GB.

So I had to make a new smart playlist for 2006 till 2010.  I did Date added is in the range 1/1/2006 to 12/31/2006 (since the first recorded song added was in November of 2006).

Added in 2006:  6256 items

Added in 2007:  1550 items

Added in 2008:  5965 items

Added in 2009: 9597 items

Added in 2010: 581 items