Flashing Signs on the Freeway

i don’t know what they are really called. But those flashing signs on the freeway really annoy me. They are a great service to drivers and the amber alert and stuff. But whenever one of those signs is on, everyone has to step on the brakes. Flashing lights, oh my god i have to step […]

Buy Nothing Day

If you don’t know what buy nothing day is, then you probably never read adbusters. Buy nothing is a day spent protesting the usual sales and buying frenzees that go on after thanksgiving. Mostly for christmas shopping and the like. Spend today by not buying anything and protesting. For more information on Buy Nothing Day […]

Happy Thanks

Simple as this, what do you give thanks for? What are you thankful for? It is easy for me to say thanks for what i have. And i know exactly who to thank. I am thank full all the time, almost everyday. I am very grateful for all that is around me all the time. […]

Rain comes down

I can’t think of anything greater to do than drive in the rain. You play with your life every time you drive. But when you drive in the rain in Los Angeles, its like fuck it, i could probably die any time. The oil on the freeways just rises out to kill you. But its […]