Flashing Signs on the Freeway

i don’t know what they are really called. But those flashing signs on the freeway really annoy me. They are a great service to drivers and the amber alert and stuff. But whenever one of those signs is on, everyone has to step on the brakes. Flashing lights, oh my god i have to step on my brakes.

Today i was driving my step brother home, who lives in Santa Clarita. On my way back from his house there it was that flashing sign. Danger Danger, Slippery when wet, Brake lights. I don’t want to bring up the obvious like Sienfield. But its like this is the first time you have ever driving. Thanks for telling me that the road gets slippery when wet.

The amber alert is great also, but i dispise the fact that you have to slow down to read the sign. I don’t understand the whole slowing down fact. I drive kind of fast and i only slow down when those in front of me are slowing down.

My favorite are the drivers who brake to change lanes. Ahh, im changing lanes i have to brake. More driving stories later. I Love driving, but i hate other drivers.

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Buy Nothing Day

If you don’t know what buy nothing day is, then you probably never read adbusters. Buy nothing is a day spent protesting the usual sales and buying frenzees that go on after thanksgiving. Mostly for christmas shopping and the like. Spend today by not buying anything and protesting. For more information on Buy Nothing Day check out or go directly to BND.

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Happy Thanks

Simple as this, what do you give thanks for? What are you thankful for? It is easy for me to say thanks for what i have. And i know exactly who to thank. I am thank full all the time, almost everyday. I am very grateful for all that is around me all the time.

This could be one of my favorite holidays for two reasons. This is the only time of year where i love the food that gets served. I love the turkey, i love the ham, i love the potatoes. I especially love sweet potatoes.

If you know me, you will know that i don’t like my family that much. But my friends are my family, they are what makes me. When certain people get into your soul, they become your family.

Thanksgiving might be about the giving of thanks or whatever. But i love to think that thanksgiving is about the getting together of people who might have nothing in common with each other. And just getting down and eating some good food. Doing it together is all that matters here.

I give thanks to my friends and family who are there for me. I give thanks that i can see the sun rising and setting everyday. The beautiful clouds and the snow. When you are feeling down and depressed, its always good to see the sun rise or set. Makes you forget your problems for a bit, like does it matter? Thanks, thanks for the giving.


Rain comes down

I can’t think of anything greater to do than drive in the rain. You play with your life every time you drive. But when you drive in the rain in Los Angeles, its like fuck it, i could probably die any time. The oil on the freeways just rises out to kill you.

But its so amazing driving in the rain. The sound of the water hitting your windshield or dropping onto your roof. Not being able to see for a couple of seconds cause it is raining so hard. Not being able to see the center divider, or even the lines that your supposed to be inside of.

Everyone has a story about how they almost died when they were driving. I remember two times that i almost died while driving. One was a very recent trip to the grove, we were 30 minutes away and the movie started in 30 minutes. The rule is you don’t ever go into the fast lane when it is raining, but i couldn’t resist. Next thing i know, there’s a wave coming from the front of my car. I do my best to not turn or we would be going into the guard rail for sure. i can’t believe nothing happened in the end.

The second time i was on the onramp and it was a little turn, next thing i know i am going sideways up the ramp. That feeling of, you can’t do anything about it is unbelievable. You just have to wait for the car to stop and hope that nobody is behind you that is going to hit you. Or your not going so fast that you are going to go over the edge of the freeway.

It reminds you why you are living, it reminds you that you are living. Thats what life is about, taking chances. How would you know that you are living if your heart didn’t get pumping every once and awhile.


Wireless Headphones for iPod

Just a quick link today. My friend lrhb today messaged me and was like, i figured out how to get wireless headphones for the iPod. I replied, holy shit, tell me how now, so i can go out and buy an ipod.

Instructions on how to have wireless headphones for your ipod