Flashing Signs on the Freeway

i don’t know what they are really called. But those flashing signs on the freeway really annoy me. They are a great service to drivers and the amber alert and stuff. But whenever one of those signs is on, everyone has to step on the brakes. Flashing lights, oh my god i have to step on my brakes.

Today i was driving my step brother home, who lives in Santa Clarita. On my way back from his house there it was that flashing sign. Danger Danger, Slippery when wet, Brake lights. I don’t want to bring up the obvious like Sienfield. But its like this is the first time you have ever driving. Thanks for telling me that the road gets slippery when wet.

The amber alert is great also, but i dispise the fact that you have to slow down to read the sign. I don’t understand the whole slowing down fact. I drive kind of fast and i only slow down when those in front of me are slowing down.

My favorite are the drivers who brake to change lanes. Ahh, im changing lanes i have to brake. More driving stories later. I Love driving, but i hate other drivers.