Rain comes down

I can’t think of anything greater to do than drive in the rain. You play with your life every time you drive. But when you drive in the rain in Los Angeles, its like fuck it, i could probably die any time. The oil on the freeways just rises out to kill you.

But its so amazing driving in the rain. The sound of the water hitting your windshield or dropping onto your roof. Not being able to see for a couple of seconds cause it is raining so hard. Not being able to see the center divider, or even the lines that your supposed to be inside of.

Everyone has a story about how they almost died when they were driving. I remember two times that i almost died while driving. One was a very recent trip to the grove, we were 30 minutes away and the movie started in 30 minutes. The rule is you don’t ever go into the fast lane when it is raining, but i couldn’t resist. Next thing i know, there’s a wave coming from the front of my car. I do my best to not turn or we would be going into the guard rail for sure. i can’t believe nothing happened in the end.

The second time i was on the onramp and it was a little turn, next thing i know i am going sideways up the ramp. That feeling of, you can’t do anything about it is unbelievable. You just have to wait for the car to stop and hope that nobody is behind you that is going to hit you. Or your not going so fast that you are going to go over the edge of the freeway.

It reminds you why you are living, it reminds you that you are living. Thats what life is about, taking chances. How would you know that you are living if your heart didn’t get pumping every once and awhile.