Happy Thanks

Simple as this, what do you give thanks for? What are you thankful for? It is easy for me to say thanks for what i have. And i know exactly who to thank. I am thank full all the time, almost everyday. I am very grateful for all that is around me all the time.

This could be one of my favorite holidays for two reasons. This is the only time of year where i love the food that gets served. I love the turkey, i love the ham, i love the potatoes. I especially love sweet potatoes.

If you know me, you will know that i don’t like my family that much. But my friends are my family, they are what makes me. When certain people get into your soul, they become your family.

Thanksgiving might be about the giving of thanks or whatever. But i love to think that thanksgiving is about the getting together of people who might have nothing in common with each other. And just getting down and eating some good food. Doing it together is all that matters here.

I give thanks to my friends and family who are there for me. I give thanks that i can see the sun rising and setting everyday. The beautiful clouds and the snow. When you are feeling down and depressed, its always good to see the sun rise or set. Makes you forget your problems for a bit, like does it matter? Thanks, thanks for the giving.