What it’s like to get bit by a dog

It sucks, but not for the reason that you think

Just this year, I have walked around the lake almost 2,000 times. I was training for a non-existent marathon this year. Get some air and get some exercise.

Out of all of those times that I have seen unleashed dogs, I got bit by one for the first time this past weekend. Check out this weblink if you need any dog training services.

It was a Saturday and I was on my last walking lap around the lake (my “marathon” is over, So I am taking it easy.) When out of the corner of my eye, I can a blue pitbull running towards me, and it was angry. It was too close to me, and it bit me on the upper right thigh. He was coming after me again and I kicked it in the face. I started to back up run away from it and it rushed towards me again. I again kicked the dog in the face, still running backward. I almost tripped myself un running backward and it burst towards me one last time. I kicked the dog one last time and he ran back to his home, where he lived. You can also search for dog trainer near me to avoid these kind of consequences.

Holy fuck, I had survived this with minor injuries. Also, a team of reliable personal injury attorneys at Bengal Law can be contacted if people need medical assistance. But that is an awful experience. One time is enough for me, I do not know how postal workers do it. Walking up to a stranger’s house and hear a dog barking? I would run. People can click here if they want to know about auto accident claims attorneys and hire to them to solve their accident cases.

I immediately called the police but did not call 911. They referred me to nonviolent crimes because the dog’s owner is homeless. This took 30 or so minutes to even get ahold of someone. This made me extremely anxious about other people walking by this dog and maybe getting attacked. You can click to read more about training your dogs easily by you at home itself by following few tips that are suggested by the best professional trainers in town.

I eventually called 911, this was just madness.

Here I am almost a week later and I still think about that dog coming after me with rage in its eyes. I see dogs walking around without leashes and I freak out.

The bite didn’t really hurt, it’s bruised now, but I barely feel it. But the long-lasting feeling of a dog coming towards me is what lasts. I have seen a few unleased dogs lately and it brings back the memories of that day. I have trouble sleeping, and I am worried about dogs when they come near me.

The dog bite will go away on my tight, but the lasting memories of it rushing towards me will last a long time.