Reasons Why LRhB totally is the suxors

1. Lrhb is totally stolen from the Lrhb rocket made by McDonald Douglas.
2. Pirates can totally kill Lrhb. And we know that ninjas can totally kill pirates. So Lrhb totally is the suxors.
3. Three words, lrhb dot org. totally suxors.
4. “Boy I sure bet that popular girl Lrhb is really going to plump up when she graduates, I can’t wait to laugh at her, she better enjoy being a size two while she can!!!”
5. More coming soon pages than any pr0n film.
6. He didn’t hook with Andrea Covacs. totally suxors.
7. Lrhb only has three myspace friends. After this he will only have two.

In conclusion, Lrhb is totally the suxors. If you don’t know, you better axe somebody.

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