Permalinks in 2007

I have done four posts so far for #throwbackthursday, And I thought I would share the general permalink structure for 2007. Some of the top websites (I am just guessing, but sites I think were top back then), have a .html or .php attached to the end of there posts. used .html, but the site is currently a custom site with a much different permalink structure.
a link of which now goes to His website is one of the only websites which redirects the old post to the new updated post. used a .php file extension for there website, I don’t know what the blog software was but it is now using WordPress. The permalink structure back then for them was:
which is now:
They don’t have redirecting setup so I have to Google the title based on the url. is exactly the same! used and uses a custom blogging software. The old links used to be:
and now they are:
They have a redirect from the old post to the new post. is exactly the same

Just a few examples. When I moved over to WordPress, it didn’t have single pages for single blog posts. It was basically just archives of blog posts so I didn’t have to think about preserving the url or permalinks. But now that I move forward with websites I think hard about the permalink structure than I did before. I want to make sure that they last over time. And also, if there is a current one, not to mess with it.