How to Authenticate your Tumblr app using Twiitter’s oauth

строителство на къщиI have a bunch of pictures that I wanted to post to tumblr, I wanted to queue them up so it wouldn’t just post all the pictures in one time. I had a php version of this, but it didn’t seem to work, so I went looking for a newer version. I then found out that tumblr has v2 of there api, I don’t know if this is the reason why my first script broke. But I went looking for another script that could do the trick, and hopefully much better. So after some googling, I found Photo 2 Tumblr, which seemed really complicated at first (also because I was doing this late at night, I could not for the life of me figure it out).

So anyways, I also wanted to learn how to register via oath, that seems like something I should know how to do.

So I figure out if I can run python on my computer, Check (OS X).

Then I figure out how to run python from the command line, Check (Python

Then I Spend a few hours trying to figure out how to auth my tumblr script. The script needs a few edits to make it understandable for tumblr since tumblr doesn’t use PIN technically. So t hese are the steps to authenticate your tumblr app via twitter’s

1. $python
2. go to the url that it tells you to go to
3. Click on allow in tumblr
4. copy url you are returned to: ex copy this long key
5. Back to command line, type y (yes authenticated)
6. Paste the pin number from step 4, into the command line
7. you get your oath token and secret

Now you can go back into your tumblr app, and enter in all the required information.