From Prison

I don’t know how I was chosen to be the one that was going to pick Bill up from the Prison. But I was picked to go get him. This was the time before iPhones, So I had to print out a directions on how to get there. I don’t remember where it was or the name. I remember it was up the 5 freeway, maybe just past the grapevine. 

I get going and am arriving early, So I pull over and check out a local nik nak store and Gas up. I get going after this and head to where I was told to pick up my dad. I get there and the guy tells me, oh you are late you have to go pick him up at the other facility now. Oh man, I thought I had everything timed correctly. To the right it is what a Prison looks like, to the left is what a college campus looks like. I see Bill to the left. 

He gets in and says, your late.

We get driving, I don’t remember any conversation besides the “your late.” He says that he is hungry, so we stop at Carls Jr. I don’t remember getting anything there, I don’t eat at Carls Jr. 

We start going again and I thought that we were driving home. Apparently we were going straight to the Half Way house that he was staying at. I don’t know if I had a map for it, or what. But thats where we go, it was right down the street from where he used to work. So I wonder if he knew where it was.