Reset PC Unit on Dell 2330dn

Православни икониI could not find this online, so I am putting it online.

To reset the Photoconductor (PC) Drum Counter:
1. Turn off the printer.

2. Press and hold down the select button (usually the check mark) and right arrow button on the printer and power the printer on.

3. Release your fingers from the buttons when the message “Performing Self Test” appears.

4. Press the left arrow to scroll to the option “Reset the PC Cnt”, then press the select button.

5. After the resetting message, press the left arrow to scroll to the option “Exit Config”, then press the select button to restart the printer and apply the changes.


VLC is awesome

This is how awesome VLC is, I opened up VLC today to watch some legal movies and then boom it has a santa hat on it! How awesome would quicktime be if you opened it up and it had a Santa Hat on like this, I would probably use it more.