Apple TV

So this is how the story goes, we now have two Apple TV’s in our house. We used to use an Xbox 360 in the bedroom to watch Netflix, It is an older Xbox 360 and the wireless connection isn’t so great. So what would happen is that it would wirelessly drop every so often. Sometimes it would last a whole movie, sometimes it would only last ten minutes. This is extremely frustrating and the only option would be to setup a wired line. This is 2011 (almost 2012), who does that anymore. So as a test and to see what the apple tv was about, I purchased one and set it up in the bedroom to see how it would fair. Three things I have noticed so far with the apple tv:

  1. It is way easier to navigate than the Xbox to watch a Netflix movie.
  2. It doesn’t cost a monthly fee to use.
  3. It hasn’t dropped a connection once.

I would also like it to be our media center of sorts. I would like to get rid of our DVD’s, they take up a lot of space. Why can’t they just be like mp3’s, hidden. So awhile back I started to transfer my dvd’s onto my Windows XP computer. I left them as the full transfer until I found a good solution. I then converted one of the dvd’s using handbrake into the apple tv 2 selection and started to watch the video. Perfect solution for a media center for me. So I have converted all my DVD’s into said format.

Now, we wanted to watch something in the front room and I said hey. They Apple TV is so small, I can just unplug it and plug it into the front room tv. Boom, for some reasons there were issues with the WiFi. It just wouldn’t recognize the WiFi without switching to another WiFi and then switching back. This was extremely annoying issue. The wife kept saying, why don’t we just buy another one, over and over again. So I went out and bought a second Apple TV, because it’s so cheap and it is so easy to setup and leave there anyways.

Now with iCloud/iMatch the computer doesn’t need to be left on for us to play music. Even better. We were thinking of getting a TV for our second bedroom, and when/if that happens I will get an Apple TV for it also. You know for the guests.

Cadet: “There’s four of us and one of you”
Kirk: “Well, get some extra guys and then it’ll be a fair fight.”