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  • Samsung Should be Worried that Apple is going to be making a TV

    ХудожникSo today, I was reading about how a product manager at Samsung basically said that TV’s are about picture quality. When will these companies seriously start to get there shit together and get scared. This is exactly what dell said when apple started to make macbook air’s. This is exactly what everyone said when Apple […]

  • Got my DODO Case

    I ordered my DODO Case for my iPad the second I was getting the 3g 64gig version. It took over two months for it to arrive but I am happy to say that it exceeds my expectation of it. Right when it comes out of the box. Fits the iPad 3g perfectly. I was afraid […]

  • Wired iPad App Review

    This is more of a wakeup call to the music magazines out there. You need to stop what you are doing in print. You need to hire an iPad developer and make an iPad version of your magazine stat. This is just one example of the Wired iPad application and what it is doing. In […]

  • How I will use my iPad (and why I might need to buy a second one)

    I woke up this morning thinking about how I wish I had my iPad already. Actually, I went to sleep last night thinking about the same thing. I had just finished my book and wasn’t really sleepy yet and wanted to read something else. I didn’t have another book to read on my bedside table. […]