Samsung Should be Worried that Apple is going to be making a TV

ХудожникSo today, I was reading about how a product manager at Samsung basically said that TV’s are about picture quality. When will these companies seriously start to get there shit together and get scared. This is exactly what dell said when apple started to make macbook air’s. This is exactly what everyone said when Apple started to make iPad’s. This is what nokia, blackberry, samsung, etc. said when Apple started to make an iPhone. This is what all the major leaders in technology are saying about any competitors product. When will you learn your lesson companies and see what other people are doing, and start expanding your business.

Even more, business need to stop relying on how they make money now and try and figure out how else to make money. Just in case one day, that one way that you made most of your profit just doesn’t work anymore. You have a backup plan. You make twice as much money. The world still goes round and round. Your company is still making money.

This also works for you, the person. If of course you cannot do side projects, don’t listen anymore. But you have your job which takes up a lot of your day. Why don’t you start doing some sort of side project to make some money. Even if it isn’t anything, at least it can buy lunch one day. But of course, do something that you love. If you think you can make an awesome snowboard, kickstarter. If you think that you could make an awesome mouse, kickstarter.

Well and of course if you hate your job, don’t quit at first, why don’t you try some sort of side project that you could maybe be your own boss in the future.

Or at least try.


Got my DODO Case

I ordered my DODO Case for my iPad the second I was getting the 3g 64gig version. It took over two months for it to arrive but I am happy to say that it exceeds my expectation of it.

Right when it comes out of the box.

Fits the iPad 3g perfectly.

I was afraid I would have to shave it down so the power cord would fit. But apparently this is version two of the DODO case.

Looks like a book, no idea that it is an iPad. Awesome, and it does a better job of protecting the iPad than the Apple iPad holder. This feels much more sturdier.


Wired iPad App Review

This is more of a wakeup call to the music magazines out there. You need to stop what you are doing in print. You need to hire an iPad developer and make an iPad version of your magazine stat.

This is just one example of the Wired iPad application and what it is doing. In just one day it is already at the top of the top paid iPad applications Every article is in the magazine, but for the iPad there are some enhancements. Such as music to articles, videos and some interactive elements. It is priced exactly the same as the magazine is priced, which i subscribe to. If they can someday get a subscription, that equals the print subscription or less (minus printing costs). The magazine iPad applications will surely take off.

I love the wired app, and I have already shown it to everyone as a great example of what the iPad can do. And what is possible with some thinking. I can’t wait till my favorite music magazine has an app, and i can listen watch and read the review of the latest wu-tang cd. Think about it, awesome.


How I will use my iPad (and why I might need to buy a second one)

I woke up this morning thinking about how I wish I had my iPad already. Actually, I went to sleep last night thinking about the same thing. I had just finished my book and wasn’t really sleepy yet and wanted to read something else. I didn’t have another book to read on my bedside table. And I wasn’t going to get up and find an old book to read again. That would have awaken me for sure. So I decided to just read all the extra’s that are in a book, when it was printed, who printed it, the god awe full reviews (Who reads those anyways?) Thats when I had the thought, I wish I had my iPad right now. I could either find another book to buy in the online bookstore, Or I could read how the Lakeshow did last night. And went to sleep.

As I awoke I thought about how I didn’t want to wake up Erin and let her sleep a little bit. I thought about the ways that we could use an iPad in the house. I thought about how when it wasn’t in use it could be showing the latest pictures I had taken. Or just even a slideshow of pictures from flickr or facebook. I would love it if would just go through all the pictures that I have Favorited in flickr. I would build a frame for it, so it slides in and out easily and charges while in there.  It would have a fancy frame.

Or I was thinking that I would mount it into the kitchen, and use it as our primary to do list and Calendar. I asked Erin about this when she woke up and said, that would be great, I would look at the Calendar and see who’s birthday it was this week. And I responded, and yes you could add events to it from your NON iPhone, or while you are at work. And I could add events from my iPhone or while I am at work. You could even add events while looking at it. We could even have a dynamic to do list, or groceries list. Where we are out of something, you add it on the iPad and when we go grocery shopping, I could look up what we are missing on my iPhone.

Then I thought about how I always had my iPad at the bedside table and didn’t have to worry about getting up and grabbing it from the kitchen or in the front room. I know that there are probably cheaper solutions for this, but for this I know that I could write my own application or website to do the things that I want to do specifically. And that is what makes it more intriguing to me as a whole. For the price point to do what I want to, Know how to do, It is justified.

I already ordered my iPad 32gb 3g last week. I will wait to see how I use it in my life to make any more decisions.