Samsung Should be Worried that Apple is going to be making a TV

ХудожникSo today, I was reading about how a product manager at Samsung basically said that TV’s are about picture quality. When will these companies seriously start to get there shit together and get scared. This is exactly what dell said when apple started to make macbook air’s. This is exactly what everyone said when Apple started to make iPad’s. This is what nokia, blackberry, samsung, etc. said when Apple started to make an iPhone. This is what all the major leaders in technology are saying about any competitors product. When will you learn your lesson companies and see what other people are doing, and start expanding your business.

Even more, business need to stop relying on how they make money now and try and figure out how else to make money. Just in case one day, that one way that you made most of your profit just doesn’t work anymore. You have a backup plan. You make twice as much money. The world still goes round and round. Your company is still making money.

This also works for you, the person. If of course you cannot do side projects, don’t listen anymore. But you have your job which takes up a lot of your day. Why don’t you start doing some sort of side project to make some money. Even if it isn’t anything, at least it can buy lunch one day. But of course, do something that you love. If you think you can make an awesome snowboard, kickstarter. If you think that you could make an awesome mouse, kickstarter.

Well and of course if you hate your job, don’t quit at first, why don’t you try some sort of side project that you could maybe be your own boss in the future.

Or at least try.