I recently deleted almost all the phone numbers in my phone book. I was getting to the point where i wasn’t even answering the phone anymore. So i made a rule, I said that, if you didn’t call me this weekend, you get deleted from my phonebook. Out of all the numbers in my phonebook, maybe about 50 or so, i only have 7 in it now. About a week later i now have about 10 phone numbers in there.

I got sick and tired of all my un-returned phone and text messages. I had to do some cleaning to find out who’s who in my phonebook. I got rid of all the flakes, i got rid of all the fakers. I also found out that i am more prone to answering my phone now that i don’t know who is calling.

I can tell that some of my friends are getting mad at me for not knowing who is calling. But now there just happy that i am answering there phone calls. I got to the point of where i was relying on these people who meant nothing to me. Who were there just for shits and giggles in my life. A few of them for fucks, but there all gone now. Starting a new in some ways, Starting Fresh. Like Vanilla Ice i am turning the leaf.

Only on my fucking phone, so what the fuck, its a start right.