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  • What not to do to get into a Club / Bar

    On my previous post about how to get into a club / bar, this is what you shouldn’t do. I have been working as a doorman for about five years, every Thursday. We have had the line around the block multiple times, VIP’s, celebrities, DJ’s who think that they are important, people who think they […]

  • Secrets of getting into a club/bar

    I am no genius at this, nor do I really care about this anymore. But these were some of the tricks that I did to get known by the doormen, and promoters at the places that I visited. I currently also work the door at a club on Thursday nights, and know how people try […]

  • I Hate the Car Wash

    I hate getting a Car Wash. It is completely un-productive in my mind. You get someone to wash your car and you just sit around watching them do it. I just don’t know what it is about it. I would never take any car to the wash before I met Erin. But she likes to […]

  • The Small Calendar 2010

    This mini calender is amazing, I am going to put it into my wallet even thought I can use my iPhone to do the same thing. But it is an amazing idea and I wish that all calenders include this on every page. Wouldn’t have to switch to another page ever. Instructions are simple, click […]

  • doesn’t send WII’s to USA

    I had a great idea. I would go to and order a wii, the price didn’t seem to bad and they have a good price for shipping internationally usually.  I have ordered a many of things via the Japanese amazon. But aparantly they don’t ship wii’s to America.