Obsessed with Updating

I am obsessed with new features and features that nobody has on there wordpress installation. I am always obsessed with the newest and best stuff everywhere. My computer needs to be updated all the time, I have to have the latest updates installed. I visit versiontracker.com twice everyday to see if there is anything new for my computer. That could possibly make me work faster or better. And maybe there is a possibility that there is a program update for one of the programs that i use.

This isn't just for my computer applications, this is also for my website. I have to have the most latest newest coolest scripts running on my web server. I visit the Plugins and Hacks forum four times a day. Maybe they will release a new wordpress?

I don't know that many people who are like me. Most of my friends are using old versions of most programs. Most digital professionals stay with what they like. Such as any adobe program.

I don't care if i have the latest gadget. I don't need the latest cell phone, I don't need the latest mp3 player. I love my current phone, I love my ipod. They serve there function to me. I am able to talk to my friends with it, and i am able to listen to mp3s whenever i want to. Both except for when the battery runs out.

But only for software aps, not for real gadgets. I guess i am not a gadget freak.