Kurt Vonnegut made me Read

Kurt Vonnegut

I first read Kurt Vonnegut when i was in 9th grade. I wasn’t much of a reader at the time. I don’t remember reading any books before that, not even for school projects. I guess that you can say that i was kind of an outsider in Middle School, and for some reason my History teacher ( I can’t think of his name), Told me that i should read Kurt Vonnegut. Since this wasn’t a school project i went to the bookstore and stole me “Breakfast of Champions.”

I was completely hooked on reading from that point on.  I stole as many of his books that i could and as time went on where i had a job and could afford them i would buy the ones that i didn’t have. I read every one of his books in abot two years. Considering that i just started reading i thought that this was amazing.

I started to find out about other authors that i might like and reading all of there books. When i like a writer i will read all of his/her books. Just like movies, if i like somebodies movie i will see everything that they have ever done. But anyways, i would like to thank you Kurt Vonnegut, for getting me reading. You changed my life forever, there could have been a chance that i would have never read anything in my life. But because of my stupid History teacher in Middle School i started reading your Books.  You changed my life and I thank you for the great stories.