Does the Valley have cred now?

If you missed the last episode of entourage your missing the best show on TV. Even though it is on HBO, it should still count for being t he best show on going on. If you haven’t seen an episode of entourage you should check it out now. If you don’t have HBO, I know that you have a friend who does.

This weeks Entourage features the crew going to the Valley to see there opening movie. Drama complains about the heat and only goes to the valley November threw December. Vince and the crew have an Almost Famous moment when they get invited to a house party in the valley. And Vince says to the crowd these are the best moments of your life. Johnny ends the show by saying, the Valley is alright.

Boom, the Valley has instant cred. Even though they say they are going to Northridge and the movie theatre is in Encino. Thats still good enough for me, if Drama says that the valley is alright, then nobody can knock it anymore. For that i am going to go see Poseidon, Drama.



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