Do you know if your a republican?

I was out with a few friends last night, one that i haven’t hung out with very much. He says that he is a democrat, he said that because he didn’t agree with some topics that dubya agrees with, that means that he is a democrat. Me and my friend listened to this in awe, we all know that you are a republican. I wouldn’t have been suprised at all if he admitted that he was a republican.

We both tried to get him to admit his party affiliation, but he wouldn’t admit it to us. Maybe he felt pressured into not admitting it, because in Los Angeles most people don’t admit that they are republicans for fear of being shot.

Anyways, if you don’t know what you are a republican or a democrat, Take this short Quiz (via Slate). And fine out who you are affiliated with, because really, i need more people to hate. The jon stewart question is the most important one i think. I just think he is fucking hilarious, what does that make me? Green Party?