Comcastic – Karaoke on Demand

Is there that much of a demand for karaoke that comcast needs to make it an option to have it on demand? I do have to admit that the commercials are funny with Mr. T breaking down the wall of the guy singing in the shower. Mr. T should be knocking him out and saying, why do you need karaoke on demand anyways. Are people doing karaoke in there showers? How many times have you even been to someones house and they had a karaoke machine setup, that people were actually using it!

I know of a few friends, TWO, who have a karaoke machine in there house and both of them are getting really dusty. I remember when they got a karaoke machine, the whole house was excited about it. But no one got the balls enough to use it, so it never got used.

I don’t understand karaoke anyways, I have never seen anyone who just had to do karaoke right then and there. Do people just like to listen to music without words? So they can just input there own words?

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