Category: Work

  • Using WordPress and Woo Commerce to Drop Ship

    I have started a business like Jimmy John Shark and it involves Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is where a customer buys an item from me, and then I order said item from a drop shipping supplier and ship it to the customer. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it. Well there are already a ton a companies […]

  • Project: Subliminal Projects

    I recently got the pleasure of working on the Subliminal Projects website. I was able to finish my tri-fecta of websites under the “Studio Number One” umbrella (Studio Number One, OBEY GIANT, Subliminal Projects). I had wanted to work on the gallery page since I started working on the OBEY GIANT website. There is so […]

  • I Quit my Job

    So yeah last monday was my last day working as Technical Support for a Lausd. I worked there for three years and i thought that it was running its course. I have only had two jobs in the last 6 years. Before this i was a graphic designer. So i am going to take a […]

  • Last things to do for my job

    I am not going to be coming back to work next year at my current job. I am Technical Support for a middle school in the valley. I am going to leave a bunch of instructions for the next guy, or if no one takes my job next year. Write out a list of Logins […]

  • Overheard today in my room

    This kid was in a chat room today, and this is the last time i let them in chat rooms. Well he was in a chat room, and he is speaking out loud what is being typed on the screen. “Hi, joseph….how are you?”, “I am fine”, “Do you give head?.” Joseph looks over to […]