Last things to do for my job

I am not going to be coming back to work next year at my current job. I am Technical Support for a middle school in the valley. I am going to leave a bunch of instructions for the next guy, or if no one takes my job next year.

  • Write out a list of Logins and Passwords.
  • Describe where the patch cables are.
  • Describe where the power cords are.
  • Describe how the internet works at this location.
  • Describe who to call if something breaks.
  • Tell them where computers are located.
  • Tell them basic instructions on how to fix a computer.
  • Tell them where the software is located.
  • Tell them what is in each drawr and cupbard.
  • Tell them about the Server.
  • Tell them how to turn the alarm off and keep it off.
  • Tell them secrets on how to get around things in the school and on the computer.
  • Tell them basic problems that teachers have.
  • Tell them about problem teachers.
  • Tell them about usuall problems that arrise.
  • I will be updating this until the end of the school year, or until i can’t think of anything else that i have to add. I will probably put this list up here, because it is stuff that most people should know about. And how to fix basic problems for macintosh and windows computers.