Project: Subliminal Projects

Subliminal Projects Home Page

I recently got the pleasure of working on the Subliminal Projects website. I was able to finish my tri-fecta of websites under the “Studio Number One” umbrella (Studio Number One, OBEY GIANT, Subliminal Projects). I had wanted to work on the gallery page since I started working on the OBEY GIANT website. There is so much data and possibilities and it excited me.

Through out the years I had secretly started and stopped working on it behind the scenes, but it never really went anywhere. And when I was finally asked to do it, it was quite an easy thing to do, because most of the code was done, it just needed to be updated. And I actually found out that in the newer versions of WordPress, it was easier to do certain things.

The site is very simple, but I think laid out pretty complex in the back end. I wanted it to be possible to search for artwork from certain artists and to see the shows that they were apart of. So I created a custom taxonomy Exhibitions, and that is where the show would live. Just a basic with only two custom meta boxes, opening date, and exhibitions dates. And then a custom taxonomy of artists. Because each show can consist of one artist or multiple artists.

Because each show will have the custom taxonomy artists associated with them, I can list every artist who has ever shown at Subliminal Projects.

Then each artist has there own About page, Which pulls the taxonomy description. It also shows which exhibitions that they were part of. And pulls all of the artwork that they have ever shown at Subliminal Projects.

When the artwork is uploaded via the WordPress back end, you are given two options. One is to whether to show the image in the gallery, and the other is to associate the image with an artist who is associated with the show.

I am especially proud of this website because of all the years because of all the years of WordPress knowledge that I have that made it possible. But also, all my years of working with Subliminal Projects, It was easy for me to understand what was needed in this project. It is/was my first store website also, where I had to think about locations and what people would be looking for in the site. I also look see how people are using and want to improve on it, websites are living breathing things and should always be ever changing.