Best Place to get Pizza in LA

Everyone has there own “Best” Pizza place. I am confident enough to say that Round Table Pizza has the best pizza i have ever had. I have not been to a lot of pizza joints, but i know what good pizza is. Everyone from the east coast says the same exact thing to me, There is no good pizza in Los Angeles. The pizza at Round Table Pizza is not like East Coast pizza, I have never even had east coast pizza. But compared to all of the pizza joints that i have been to in Los Angeles, Round Table Pizza is the best.

Everyone is always sceptical about round table at first, but by the end of the meal and you can’t eat another bite. Because you are both full and satisfied with the food that you just had. I was sceptical first about round table, but now i am a convert.

For my friends birthday we went all the way to the torrance round table. Me and all of my friends were just saying, why do we have to go to torrance for round table pizza? Isn’t there a dominos right around the corner? But we went because it was my friends birthday, and oh boy was it good. Afterwards we went to Cha Cha’s, which is about an hour away. If you don’t know there is a round table pizza right across the street from Cha Cha’s.

From now on thats our staple event, going to Round Table for some 6 dollar pitchers of Bud Light. Then walk across the street to Cha Cha’s for some more cheap drinking. I would recommend getting thin crust at the Table, then getting the Tecate at Cha Cha’s.

Round Table Pizza is located at:
2524 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 663-8301

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