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I don’t read the LA Weekly that often. But this week i read a few of the pages just so i could get a sense of arnold and what the goings ons are with him. Voting is coming around soon, so i would like to point you to what laweekly endorses. And this article about arnolds proposed abortion proposition.

The Weekly also has an interview with my favorite b actor of all time, Danny Trejo. You might not know his name, but for sure you know his tattoo on his chest, which he got in prison (San Quentin). His most memorable and best role had to be when he was in Heat.

I don’t shop at the Supreme store in LA, but i love its insides. If you haven’t seen it, its art on its own. The weekly has an piece about the Supreme store in LA. They don’t have that much stuff in the store, because what they carry is the best. Theres no need to have such a selection, just tell me what to buy and i will buy it. I couldn’t find there website, so whatever. The art that i keep talking about is the above ground bowl that they have in the store. If there are skaters skating on it, you can see them on the tv moniters inside and outside. Its a sight to be seen.

Fashion week in LA has come and gone but did you know there is some rules that you should know. There is always hidden rules that are never written down or said. You just have to learn them on your own, or get scolded or beaten if you don’t follow the rules. Depending on where you go. Here are some basic fashion rules, that you should follow. I don’t care about the fashion, i just want to see some sexy.