Are Arc Light moviegoers more civilized?

Are Arc Light moviegoers more civilized?

I went to go see King Kong not to long ago at Universal Citywalk. We actually started out at the Arc Light, we had wanted to see “King Kong” there. But it was sold out that day. The ticket guy told said, why don’t you see “Brokeback Mountain” instead. Anne Hathaway goes topless, he said. We decided to try the Citywalk movie theaters and there was tickets for King Kong. It was cheaper than the Arc Light, but only because we had parking passes.

The theatre was pretty full as it was King Kong, It had been in the theaters for weeks, and it was still pretty full. There was about 30 minutes of trailers and a few people were talking around us. No big deal, as i don’t care much about when people talk during trailers. As i often do this, because i don’t care for trailers.

When the movie started this lady began to start talking during the movie. I figured that she was describing what was happening in the movie to her husband. Who would then ask her more question in a normal voice. I understand if this happens once or twice, and everything happens quietly. But its like, he fell asleep and she was telling him what happened. Then after every ten minutes he would clear his throat, like he was King Kong.

Towards the end of the movie, this lady in front of us was checking and writing text messages on her phone. She did it three times before i had to say something to her. She then wrote a text message under her sweater, probably about how i am bothering her.

I have never had an experience like this at the Arc Light. Does paying 15 dollars for a ticket make the theatre going experience better? Are the people that go to the Arc Light better? I have to think so, the Arc Light is a great movie theater. And i do like the assigned seating so i can miss the trailers.