Peter Iliff Says He’s Writing ‘Point Break 2’

The start of something new, and I am going to throw it into the pile of throwback Thursdays. Since I have no idea where else to put it. I found a list of links here in the blog, basically just things that I wanted to write about. About %10 percent don’t work, And I have tried to google the title and they just don’t show up anywhere. Interesting a lot of the digg links do not work, and I try to google the title and nothing. But anyways, alas, Peter Iliff Says He’s Writing ‘Point Break 2’. And come to find out five years later, he actually is not writing a point break two. Or nothing has been in production based on his imdb page. But this made me realize that I do in fact like his writing. I loved Varsity Blues, I loved Patriot Games, those were two well written movies, but of course Point Break.

But this is besides the point, how come people care more about directors or actors in movies. When really they should be following the cinematographers, or the writers. These are the two people who do more for movies than directors. Great they can make sure that the actor is on cue, most of the time these actors do it themselves and the director just says cut.

You know which cinematographer I most love? Emmanuel Lubezki, he has done the visuals for some of the most beautiful movies of all time. From A Little Princess, to The New World, to The Tree of Life. This is the man you should be following, and praising everything he does. Who cares about Peter Jackson’s directing, when really Andrew Lesnie is the man you should be paying attention to. But when some of Andrew Lesnie’s, movies list include Babe: Pig in the City, I Am Legend, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (but also all of Peter Jackson’s movies), you sort of understand a little bit.

I Don’t Watch Trailers Anymore

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I don’t watch movie trailers anymore, Unless they include these words: “Fast, Furious, G.I. Joe, Batman” Besides that I will not watch a movie trailer online. If I go see a movie and I am on time And I see a movie Trailer. There is nothing that I can do about that. It is part of the movie experience. But with this online age, You can watch every trailer that is coming out.

90% of the time watching a trailer online ruins the whole experience. I love being able to go into a movie theatre and being completely surprised at what the movie is about. This all started awhile back when Erin and I were able to see a Mondo Mystery Movie in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience not knowing what movie was going to be on the screen. And it was amazing watching “28 Days Later”. I wouldn’t have never watched that movie without Mondo. And I am truly grateful.

The last four or five movies I haven’t seen the trailer for the movie. It was a great experience and I would like to try and continue this experience. It ads a great mystery to the movie and you don’t get to see the awesome parts in the trailer and be disappointed by the movie, because all the awesome parts were in the trailer. Now you see the awesome parts in the movie, and then watch the trailer later and go, ya, that part of the movie was awesome.